Studying abroad is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Studies show that more than two hundred thousand students from the United States study abroad every year.

10 Tips Why Going to College in the Philippines Might Be a Good Idea

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

College life for everyone is both pricey but always exciting for everyone and for one to enjoy their college life to the fullest; they must choose the perfect school where they never feel too far from home. The Philippines being an Asian country is one of the ideal places to consider in choosing the right college country to spend college.

Nowadays, lots and lots of college students from abroad consider studying here. There are so many wonderful things in the Philippines that will surely please every college student. Here are the reasons why spending college in the Philippines is a good idea:

• Philippine college education is much cheaper from college and universities in other countries.

• There are well known universities in the Philippines that guarantee quality education – Philippine schools offers state of the art teachings which the latest modern equipments and school facilities so students will always enjoy better learning.

• English, being the school’s first language - Students coming from other countries wouldn’t find difficulty blending in with their Filipino schoolmates for the English language is used as a medium of instruction in all Philippines schools.

• There are international schools and universities in the Philippines – even though students from abroad get to finish their degree in the Philippines, they can always and certainly use their finished education in their own country. Philippines have established colleges and universities that have affiliates abroad and are globally known.

• Friendly Filipino students – Filipinos are all naturally friendly and accommodating. One will never feel alone once they move to the Philippines.

Those are just few of the many reasons why college students would want to prefer studying in the Philippines. Here are the tips to having a better and more comfortable environment in studying in this Asian country:

• Students from abroad must respect the customs and traditions of the Filipino people – this is just a usual rule for everyone trying to live in another countries. This is to avoid conflict and have a better harmony for everyone’s living environment, both local and foreign.

• Foreign students must understand the great value of cooperation and teamwork among his co-students – though being new to the country; one must comprehend and willingly join to various school activities to gain friends and acquaintances to have a healthier and sociable studying environment. This wouldn’t that much of problem for any foreign students for Filipino students are really friendly and welcoming. This is from the blog


apple said...

Those are some of the reason why students from the other countries mostly prefer to go in Philippine schools. We can offer them affordable tuition fees but not compromising the quality of education.

July 10, 2012 at 11:20 PM
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